Retreat Facility for Guest Artists

Year: 2012 | Type: Junior Design Studio | Location: Versailles, France

Directly south of the Versailles Orangerie, the man-made Pièce d’Eau des Suisses (1678) is the second largest body of water at Versailles. On the other side of a stone wall lies the Parc Balbi, which contains its own pond. With the opening of the dividing wall, the space becomes perfect for a Retreat Facility for Guest Artists of the Baroque Festival of Versailles. The transparent nature of the building allows the artists to enjoy views of both the Parc and the Pièce d’Eau while resting between performances at the Château.

The Retreat Facility is a reflection on the presence of the two bodies of water. It represents a drop of water the moment it lands on a surface. At a single moment it is both the natural flowing quality of water and the stillness of the air and water molecules trapped inside that drop, about to be released. It is not unlike the ebb and flow of a musical composition.


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