Housing the Workers

Year: 2012 | Type: 5 Day Junior Seminar | Location: Dubai | Team: Boris BETH, Thibaut DAVANSEAU, François MAUGER, Mathilde GRUET, François SEIGNOL

This four-day project focused on the issues of construction workers in Dubai. Currently there are over one million immigrant workers that come from poverty-stricken countries like China and India. These workers, who build the many high-rises in the Middle East, come to Dubai under the pretense they will be able to create a better life for themselves and their families. Instead, they are forced to live and work under oppressed conditions. Their passports are taken from them upon arrival, to be given back upon their finishing their construction work. The suicide rate is high.

The streets of their labor camps are overflowing with litter and dirty sewage water. Their sleeping quarters are too small, often crowding as many as eight men into a tiny space, and lack basic services such as ventilation, electricity and plumbing.

Our goal was to create housing that provides the basic needs of these people in order to live comfortably proper utilities and a proper amount of private and social space. By choosing a site near other labor camps, we hoped to provide an example of what worker housing should be.


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